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Group Remote Healing Session

December 18, 2020 @ 8:00 am - 8:00 pm


About Group Remote Healing Sessions

Alex offers Group Remote Healing Sessions to nurture, support and bring healing to all aspects of one’s life.  This global service is offered remotely to anyone in the world and can assist you and your loved ones physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Many individuals also utilize the group remote sessions on a regular basis to accelerate their overall healing process.  You may register yourself, a loved one, or animal companion for a nominal fee of $25 per individual.  Offered on Fridays, as scheduled.

On the scheduled event date, starting in the morning, Alex will focus sending healing energies and prayers for ten (10) minutes to every recipient, per the specified request.  In addition to their ten minutes, as a participant of the group, every individual will continue to benefit in the general healing energies that Alex gives to all in that day’s group.  The recipient(s) need not do anything special.  Simply ‘know’ that you, your loved ones, and animal companions will receive these divine energies for a better, healthier and enlightening way of life!



December 18, 2020
8:00 am - 8:00 pm
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“On December 5, 2006, I came to Alex Hermosillo’s office because of chronic pain in my feet.  My feet had been hurting for over two years.  I came in hoping and wanting to believe that he could help heal the pain. I tried everything and nothing was working.  My doctors told me that I would have to learn to live with it.  Walking was a struggle every day.  When Alex asked me why I came to him, I told him I didn’t want to tell him.  I wanted him to heal me without him knowing where I was hurting.  During my session, I could feel the pain being taken from my feet.  When the session concluded, the pain was 85% gone.  I was walking with a new spring in my step and pain-free after more than two years.  It is now February, 2007, and I am still pain free.”  ~Kaye


“My first session with Alex was a wonderful experience of peace and bliss!  The healing energy is felt very strongly.  Alex radiates with love and compassion.  I was reminded of how beautiful and precious life is.  I felt incredibly light afterwards.  Thank you for my session and the opportunity to meet Alex!”  ~D.M.


“I had many ailments and was unhappy with the medical outcomes and pills the medical professionals gave me. I was experiencing numbness, tingling, loss of feeling in my legs, burning in my feet, neck pain, and balance issues where I would suddenly fall without warning. I knew there was more to life than just existing in pain.  Reading all of the healing testimonials by Alex’s other clients gave me so much hope! 

For my first visit to see Alex, I was 45 minutes late for my appointment.  I was so stressed.  Alex walked in and said, “Hi!” and shook my hand.  It was like the stress evaporated from my body.  I was having balance issues and during my first session; I heard a popping sound around my head.  It sounded like when you pop bubble wrap. Then, I experienced what felt like warm fluid flowing from my left shoulder to my fingertips.  It was so amazing and very relaxing. 

The next time I saw Alex, I did not have any profound feelings as the first time, but I can say that I no longer have burning, tingling, or balance issues.  I also have more energy.  I feel like I have a new life!  

I am so grateful for Alex’s compassion, healing energy, kindness, and love for helping others.  I am thankful that God has given him this gift of light, love and healing energy.”  ~ T.P. 


“Having a healing session with Alex was a very relaxing and comfortable process.

I have had chronic extreme pain, especially in my back since 1971. The doctors removed my lower disks and fused my lower back.  Then, my middle and upper back disks ruptured.  Drugs have not helped, and all of the doctors I had seen said that they could not help me.  

Having a healing session with Alex, even just one session, I really felt so much better.  It was wonderful.  I could feel the healing energy flowing down from above through Alex and into my body.  There wasn’t anything to fear or worry about with this experience…just a lovely warmth and great release of pain.  I felt relief not just from my back pain but also all of the various problems that I have been dealing with.  This experience was wonderful, and I feel great.  Everyone should try this, especially if doctors can’t help.  It is the best gift I could have received for Christmas.  Thank you, Alex!!!!”  ~B.N.


“For many years, I have suffered with pain in the area of my right shoulder blade.  It began after an automobile accident.  For three years I saw doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists.  The pain would always come back.  My arm and fingers would tingle and become numb.  My fingertips were always cold.  I could never lie on my right side in bed.  I just learned to live with it.  Then, I came to see Alex.  After my session, I noticed that the tingling and coldness were gone.  That night I slept on my right side with no pain!  After all of these years, I am finally free of pain!  

My mother is also seeing Alex.  She has ovarian cancer and was told it was not curable.  She would need chemotherapy and the surgery.  She is 82 years old.  She saw Alex during her chemo treatments.  After her last treatment, her doctor told her that she would not need surgery.  She is in remission now!  Thank  you, Alex!”  ~S.E.


“After having a heart attack, open heart surgery and two stents, I continued to have problems.  I was experiencing chest pain, shortness of breath, and weakness.  At times, I could not walk to the mailbox because I was too exhausted and short of breath.  After more tests, I was diagnosed with Coronary Artery Spasms in both the large and small coronary arteries.

That’s when I started looking for a miracle.  I truly believe that God places angels in our lives when we need them.  My angel was Alex.  After two healing sessions with Alex, I was playing tennis again.  After two more sessions, I felt like I never had heart problems.  I can’t thank you enough, Alex.”  ~Pat


“I attended one of Alex’s public talks about his personal journey as a healer. That morning, I received notice that my 37-year-old niece, Jessi (a wife and mother of four children), who had been admitted 60 days earlier into the hospital with flu-like symptoms, ended up in ICU on life-support.  I was told that her doctors had given up hope and suggested that the family turn off life support.

I shared my story and concerns with Alex and the other attendees.  Alex turned to the class and asked if they would be willing to send healing energies long distance to my niece. Everyone graciously agreed.  Alex then guided us all through a meditation, gathering healing energy and then channeling it to Jessi, from Arizona to Colorado.  I’ve always believed in the power of prayer and positive energy, but this was miraculous!  Just 48 hours later, she was doing so much better that she started physical therapy AND she got to go outside for the first time in 60 days! 

As of writing this, Jessi is doing so well that she is going to be released to continue her healing process at home with her family.  Our group healing was like a power boost for Jessi, and I truly believe that the healing led by Alex crushed any negativity… to a place of empowerment, peace, and acceptance of prayers and healing, so she could move to her next phase of recovery!”  ~Tracy


“Alex Hermosillo’s energy healing has totally and completely transformed my life. I experienced a difficult childhood and a stressful marriage of 27 years.  After attending his first class, my life was forever changed.  I not only was healed of all my past negative energies and emotions, but I also found that I was blessed to be able to perform energy healings on my surgical patients as well.  As an OR nurse, there is no greater joy than to see patients receive spontaneous healings intraoperatively.  I now live my life happy, healthy, and in control.  I feel such gratitude to Alex for allowing me to experience energy healing and the peace, joy, and love that comes as a result of negative energy release.”  ~Jeanne


“The left side of my face was drawn and my head was numb due to a severe stroke, and I have cancer. 

The first time I met Alex, it was like I had found a long lost friend. As I lay there on the massage table, I had no idea what was going to take place.  Then, this incredible feeling of peace came over me.  I could sense the presence of an angel in the room.  Then, I felt my face was being touched by this angel.  I thought, “But my face is numb. How can I be feeling this?”  There are no words to describe this feeling.

Then, I heard Alex speak my name.  I was in total awe because it was the most incredible experience, and I was at a loss for words to even begin to describe what I was feeling.  All I could say was, “Wow!!!!”

I could not keep my hands off of my face because it had been healed!  I spent the rest of the day calling all of my friends and family to tell them about this incredible experience.  I was so happy.  Although some of them did not believe me or believe that this could really happen, It didn’t faze me.  Some of these people said it was crazy for me to go back again, but I replied that I couldn’t wait to get back. 

I really feel that Alex can cure my cancer and help me to find this new path that God wants me to set out on this new year.  I am so excited about my next visit.”  ~Judy


“In December, 2012, I was diagnosed with a terminal illness: Metastasized Melanoma, stage IIIC. I was told that I had two to three years to live with a cure rate of my cancer being only 1 percent.  Shortly after my diagnosis, I saw Alex in 2013 for a number of healings.  During one of these sessions, Alex said that he saw no cancer in my body now (which was then), or in my future.  Indeed, it has been 4.5 years since that fateful diagnosis, and I remain cancer free! 

I consider Alex to be an integral part of my healing program. God bless you, Alex, for the wonderful work you do!”  ~Andrea


“In November 2008, my father was unexpectedly diagnosed with blockages in his heart.  His team of doctors scheduled immediate open-heart surgery for the next morning.  The family and myself were frantic and feared the worst.  Alex Hermosillo came to my mind because he had healed both my mother and myself before.  After sending Alex a photo of my dad, Alex sent healing energies to him long distance.  The next morning, the doctors discovered, mysteriously, that nothing was wrong with dad’s heart.  The doctors were in disbelief as were we.  With no explanation for how or why, everyone agreed it was nothing short of a miracle!  I feel that the blockages disappeared because of the healing energies that Alex Hermosillo sent, as well as by the grace of God and all the angels dad has!  Thank you, Alex, God, and the angels for healing my dad!”  ~Randy


For the past 15 years I have had only 25 percent of hearing in my left ear. While traveling by plane, additional damage occurred to my eardrum because it was filled with fluid. I saw a doctor who removed the fluid with a needle.  When I returned to Tucson, I followed-up with my doctor here. He gave me two ear tests and asked me If I thought about wearing a hearing aid.  I said, “No,” immediately.  I learned of Alex’s healing abilities, and after my first session with him, I was using my CD player and happen to put an ear bud in my left ear by mistake.  I could hear as well as with my right ear.  I could not believe it, and I kept testing my left ear every day…it is still the same full hearing. God bless Alex and his healing abilities.  ~Arlene


“In the fall of 2013, I was experiencing the same level of pain as my heart attack in 2011 – relentless back pain. After a visit to the ER, it turned out to be a kidney stone. The x-rays clearly showed a 6 mm stone lodged in the left kidney. I was scheduled for surgery and the pain subsided over the next few days.

I shared this story during a phone conversation with Amy and asked her and Alex to send white light and healing energy long-distance to me. When the time came to prepare for surgery, a follow up x-ray was taken to confirm the location of the stone for the surgeon’s examination. To his surprise (and mine), the stone was completely gone and I was sent home. I am sure that the Alex’s intervention played a role in my recovery.

Since that time, I have had the opportunity to discuss how Alex visualizes the healing process, and the pain that he sees is often a darkening of the white light that emanates from us all. His healing is much like a photo editing smearing tool or eraser, dissipating the darkness and replacing it with white light. Thank you for your gift of healing energy.  With my gratitude, ~Stephen


I had my first telephone healing session with Alex after I developed a debilitating social anxiety following an accident that injured my eye. I had never really struggled with anxiety before.  It was so intense that I could no longer live my everyday life normally. I couldn’t go out to dinner with friends and I struggled to function at work.

I had previously seen a psychologist, a psychic, doctors and a life coach to help me through this difficult period, but nothing worked to reduce the immense amount of anxiety that I was experiencing. The only thing I could do at that point was avoid all social situations and places. Even though I didn’t know much about Alex’s process and was fairly skeptical, I thought I would give him a try to see if he might help me.

I am beyond elated to say that Alex has helped me to resume my normal life. I can now attend crowded events without debilitating fear or panic attacks, I behave normally at work, and I have resumed my normal social activities. He has not only helped me to get my life back on track, but he’s also helped me to heal long lasting physical pain that I’ve experienced in my knee and shoulder. To me, Alex is a saint, an angel and an all-around fantastic person with endless compassion and the power to heal.  ~Paige


In May, 2014, after suffering 23 years of excruciating migraine headaches, I saw Alex, and now they are gone.  In 1991, a car accident left me with debilitating migraines. From then until my visit with Alex, I suffered with the headaches at least once a month and sometimes more often. With each migraine, I was in bed for a minimum of three days, and often longer, with intense severe pain causing vomiting.

From 1991 until my session with Alex, I tried everything imaginable to cure the headaches—allopathic and holistic. I was seen by the head of neurology at our local University Medical Center, by herbalists, acupuncturists, etc., etc. The pain medications I was given made me feel sick and seemed to just prolong the pain, so I stopped taking them and just suffered through the pain. After years of unsuccessful internal and external efforts to find cures and to cure myself, I had reached a point where I didn’t know how I could continue living with these recurring bouts of such excruciating pain.

Then I was emailed a video of a healing session with Alex. Immediately, while viewing the video I “knew” that I needed to have a session with Alex (even though I had given up seeing any healers years ago). I arrived at his office with the beginnings of a migraine. In the past, if a migraine started, there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop it from coming. By the time I left Alex’s 45-minute session, I was feeling light and happy…with no sign of a migraine. Alex said he felt that 60% of the energy had cleared and asked me to come back the next week for one additional session to clear the rest. I came back, and I’ve been migraine free for 9 months now. I can’t even begin to express my elation and gratitude for this miraculous healing…it’s a life-changer. I’m sure my own personal efforts at clearing the pattern was an important part, but I know that Alex’s energy is what finally allowed me to heal. He is the real deal.  ~Katherine


“Six months after my first child was born in 2004, I was diagnosed with severe Postpartum Depression. I began taking prescription drugs under the guidance of my medical doctor, and I felt some relief but still didn’t feel like myself. Even after seeking the additional assistance of a psychiatrist for six months, I wasn’t feeling any better.  So I decided to slowly take myself off of the prescription drugs. After my second child was born in 2005, I went back on the prescription drugs in the hopes of a better outcome, but eventually took myself off of the prescription again. In 2007, I unexpectedly fell back into a deep depression, which led me down the same pattern of prescription drugs and a therapist, which did not help. The following year, I tried taking natural supplements and felt some relief, but I was eventually referred to Alex Hermosillo.  Before my first session with Alex, I was in severe depression with physical pains, anxiety attacks, and I was sleeping in 15 to 20 minute intervals at night. When I arrived for my appointment, I was crying non-stop, but fifteen minutes into my healing session, my body suddenly stopped trembling and I stopped crying, leaving only a feeling of calmness and peacefulness. When I left Alex’s office, I couldn’t believe how much better I felt, about 80% improvement. Today, I feel 99%!  Thanks, Alex, for helping me to get my life back, not just for me but also for my children who need their mom to be healthy. I am FOREVER grateful!!!!”  ~Lilia


“Alex Hermosillo helped heal my brother of an aggressive and deadly form of Alzheimer’s.  I feel that Alex saved my beloved brother’s life!  Alex accomplished this healing remotely from a distance of 1,600 miles and without my brother’s conscious knowledge (Alex works with the soul). 

My brother had been experiencing hallucinations, confusion, memory loss, deep depression and loss of balance.  After some very extensive medical testing, the results revealed a terminal condition.  I wanted so much to help him, but was told there was no hope.  Divine Order led me to Alex!

Alex conducted several long distance healing sessions on my brother, one per week for perhaps 6-7 weeks.  Almost immediately, a noticeable health improvement occurred.  After about the third session, my brother told me this:  “I feel like I am healing.”   Then the frequency of Alex’s sessions were changed to every other week for a short period of time.  Today, my brother is healthy and very, very happy.  He doesn’t know how he healed, but attributes his much improved health to the power of prayer, watching his diet and walking on the treadmill. 

I ABSOLUTELY KNOW, as do other family members, that Alex healed him!  I am so very thankful for Alex’s help!”  ~Sheila


“Having accepted the diagnosis from some fo the top cardiologists in the country that I would have a fatal heart attack in one or two years – with nothing they could do to help me – I was led to Alex by a new friend.  I had been through every available procedure that modern medicine offered, including experimental stem cell therapy at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, MD.  I could not walk more than 200 feet without using nitroglycerin pills for the pain (between 5 – 16 pills a day).  I needed a scooter to get around in, and more and more oxygen as time went on.

After the first session with Alex, my depression was gone.  I was able to stop taking both the anti-depressant prescriptions, and I never took nitroglycerin again.  Within thirty days, I went from taking 32 pills a day down to 1.  The second session took away the heart disease, and I was able to dance, walk, and exercise without any discomfort.  I have not taken any heart medication for the last 8 months.  Not having to use them any more is heaven!  Alex is not only a healer, but also a teacher and a loving friend.”  ~Glen


“In 2007, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I had surgery, chemo and was on the road to recovery. In February, 2008, I went to the dentist because my mouth would not heal after the chemo. He sent me to an implant specialist who took X-rays, and he said that the bone in my upper jaw was shrinking causing the implants to loosen.  When I returned home, my sister told me about Alex, and I made the call to his office.  After one private session with him, all of my mouth sores were gone and the implants were tight. I went back to the specialist, and after his second exam, he said, “If I hadn’t taken the X-rays myself, I wouldn’t believe that you are the same person who came to me two weeks ago. Whatever you did, keep it up. You don’t need me.”

In October 2008, I went for my yearly checkup.  My surgeon, who is the Chief of Staff at the Breast Cancer Center at my local hospital, ordered a mammogram. The results were a tumor on the right breast. They also saw a lot of scar tissue from the reconstruction surgery that had occurred after the first round of breast cancer in 2007. I saw Alex for a healing and then returned to my surgeon where he examined me. He couldn’t find the tumor, so he ordered an ultrasound and MRI. The results were that the tumor and the scar tissue were gone. My doctor wished me well with instructions for a follow-up visit next year. Alex is not only my dear friend but also my teacher, and he and his office staff have become very dear friends.”  ~Adele


“I heard about Alex Hermosillo at Unity of Divine Love Spiritual Center in Chandler. My 18-month-old son, Leo, had been diagnosed with a testicular tumor and his blood tests revealed markers for cancer. The specialist said the type of cancer they suspected he had tends to spread quickly, so we had to do surgery immediate to remove the testicle. We called Alex who graciously agreed to do a long-distance healing on Leo during the time he was in surgery. Although I was a bit skeptical at first, just knowing that Mr. Hermosillo would be doing the healing gave me great peace while he was in surgery. He came through the surgery with flying colors and was able to come home immediately afterward. Days later, we got the astounding results from the lab that there had been absolutely no cancer cells present in the testicular tumor.  The oncologist, not believing the results had the sample sent to a special lab conference for ‘difficult to diagnose tumors’. Again the results came back with no dead or alive cancer cells present. The doctor had no explanation and literally said that sometimes miracles happen that cannot be explained by the field of medicine. I believe that miracle was the healing preformed by Alex Hermosillo, and I am eternally grateful. To this day, Leo is cancer and tumor free with no need for any chemotherapy or radiation treatments.”  ~Patricia, Leo’s mother 


Mary was in search of spiritual guidance. She speaks about Alex and his unique ability to assist and guide someone in discovering their own spiritual path, which gave her insights and direction transforming her life for the better.


This is Joe who experienced a remission of prostate cancer, along with an emotional healing of grief and depression due to a divorce and the traumatic death of his son.


John, a Healing Arts Practitioner for over 20 years speaks about the simplicity and benefits of attending Alex’s Mastery of Energy Healing training classes.

“In my classes, the energy healing technique that I teach is a simple, fast and powerful process that anyone can do for self-healing and the healing of others.  “



Nadine shares her personal journey of healing working with Alex Hermosillo.  She speaks about how our physical and emotional well-being is directly related to our ability to release negative emotions so we can receive the positive and loving energies that are available to everyone.  Through Alex’s teachings and simple healing technique, she discovered an ability to heal herself.


Having experienced 46 surgeries, 11 car accidents and 3 motorcycle accidents, Tony had only known a life with pain. In this video, Tony shares his personal healing story when he met Alex Hermosillo who assisted him in releasing emotional and physical traumas he’d been through, and replacing them with Light, Love and Healing energies to nurture him emotionally, mentally, and physically. Tony encourages anyone who is in pain to never give up and to open their hearts and minds to something new like energy healing to assist them on their journey to healing.  To learn more about Tony’s extraordinary life story, read his inspiring book, “Standing on Positive Ground.”


Jared, diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at 16-years old, tells his incredible story of having a healing session with Alex, and his mother shares the subsequent thermography results showing no cancer.  Today, Jared is cancer free.


Lilia describes her experience of healing physically and emotionally after dealing with severe Postpartum Depression for several years.  She speaks about how she now utilizes Alex’s M.E.H. healing technique to nurture herself and her family, and its resulting benefits.


Watch Adele as she describes her journey of two healing sessions with Alex Hermosillo: the physical healing of a breast tumor and the restoring of her disintegrating jaw bone due to chemotherapy.