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Alex J. Hermosillo is not a licensed doctor. Mastery of Energy Healing (M.E.H.) is not a substitute, nor is it intended to replace licensed professional medical care. M.E.H. is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, treatment, or cure for any condition, disease, disorder, or injury, physical, emotional, or mental. It is recommended that individuals retain a primary care physician. Click to read our full Terms of Service.

Privacy Policy

I’d like to assure you of your absolute privacy. If you sign up for our e-newsletter, the purpose for requesting your city, state / province, and country is to know where in the world Mastery of Energy Healing messages are reaching, and to provide you with related and/or any requested information, services or products. We respect an individual’s right to privacy, and therefore this information is kept strictly and absolutely confidential. No names and/or addresses on this list have ever been released in any form to any source, and they never will be. If you have any further concerns please contact me, “Alex” and I will address your concerns promptly. Thank you.